Battle Rules

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Battle Rules

Post  Alexx on Wed Dec 22, 2010 9:59 pm

If you would like to battle, private message me, with your name, and your opponent's name. I will then assign an arena where you two can fight one on one. Then when the battle is over, you must message me about who won, and i will edit EXP, Health, Energy, etc. AND YOU MUST ONLY USE YOUR EQUIPMENT AND ABILITIES, INVENTORY IS FOR AFTER BATTLES!!!

Example: Bob vs Witch
Arena: Pier
Battle Winner: Witch
Witch uses Ravage
Bob receives 420 Damage
Bob has died and is no longer able to battle

Keep track of the amount of Health you have when you start the Battle, and throughout it. If you are Damaged more than your amount of Health, you will die, and the difference will be a negative Health and you will have to heal from that as well as recovering your normal Health. It will take one day to recover lost Health, so pick yur battles wisely! AND NO CHEATING BY RESTORING HEALTH TO FULL AFTER A FEW SECONDS!! OR YOU WILL BE BANNED!!

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