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Post  Alexx on Wed Dec 22, 2010 8:40 pm

here is where you may create your own character. use this template for creating a custom character.

Race: Zombie, Animal, or Survivor (If creating an Animal, plz put what kind of animal you are, it can be extinct or not)
Looks: describe your character's appearance
Melee: What your character fights with (close range)
Ranged: What your character fights with (far range)
History: (only for Survivor Characters)

Once i have approved your character, i will give you a Horde, Group, or Pack. These are your comrades or clan. Horde is for zombies, Group is for Survivors, and Pack is for Animals. Once I give you this, change your signature to display your name, Horde/Group/Pack #, and what rank you are.

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